Purpose Statement


The purpose of the Cultural and Historical Committee (CHAC) is to act in an administrative capacity in regards to the Bethany Beach Museum. This includes recommending policy and establishing guidelines for operational procedures, to include overseeing artifacts to be displayed, planning special events, and initiating projects that contribute to the historical and/or cultural aspects of the Town.

Scope of Work

  • Encourage citizen interest and participation in the Town Museum
  • Seek ways of enhancing the Town Museum through artifact collecting and other projects
  • Provide manner in which historical items are displayed in the Museum
  • Arrange for docents to be present in the museum when deemed appropriate
  • Seek fund raising opportunities to help support the financial needs of the Museum and other projects of CHAC
  • Plan and organize Town-sponsored cultural and/or historical events
  • Explore existing and new Town traditions
  • Arrange for storing, cataloging and preserving Town artifacts