Business License Process and Application


A business license is required for all businesses operating in the Town of Bethany Beach.

An application along with all required information must be submitted before a review and determination is made.

The licensing fee is due by the 1st of June each year, and the license is valid until May 31st of the following year.

§102-2. Annual license require; applicability.

No person shall engage in or carry on or aid or assist as employee, clerk or otherwise, in the Town of Bethany Beach, Delaware, any business, occupation or activity or use therefor any wagon, vehicle stand, store or other place or thing without first having paid the prescribed fee and taxes and having obtained from the Town of Bethany Beach an annual license for such business, occupation or activity. Specifically included are all persons, firms and corporations engaged for profit in selling any and all merchandise and/or given commodities and/or in providing facilities, services, rental units and/or food service within the Town limits.