October 9th and 10th Nor' Easter

After almost six days of continual northeast winds and storm related high tides the front causing these conditions has finally moved north. Although the Town continues to realize sustained northeast winds between 8 and 15 mph the center of circulation for this weather event has moved to the Jersey Coast.

We expect some very minor tidal flooding today as the storm finally moves out of the area.

There is no recognizable damage anywhere inland in Bethany Beach as a result of tidal flooding and our protective dune remains intact. Some access points to the beach have been filled with sand and Public Works will work to open these as their schedule allows.

The beach itself though did suffer from the storm and we estimate that 3 to 4 feet of sand was lost from the beach surface after days of heavy seas.

This lost layer of sand obviously did its job, dulling the force of the waves and protecting the dune, boardwalk and structures beyond. The Town will be checking with DNREC (Delaware Department Of Natural Resources) to see if there is any chance the beach might receive additional sand while the Army Corp’s contractor is still working on the State’s replenishment project in the Dewey/Rehoboth area.