The primary objective of a terrorist is to create widespread fear. Terrorism may involve devastating acts using weapons of mass destruction. These weapons range from chemical agents, biological hazards, a radiological or nuclear device, and other explosives.

If there is a terrorist attack it is suggested that you:

  • Stay calm
  • Be vigilant
  • Report suspicious activity to 9-1-1 or the Bethany Beach Police Department (302) 539-1000
  • Look out for and be aware of secondary hazards such as falling debris or additional attacks
  • Expect traffic delays and restrictions, restricted access to public buildings, and possible searches of bags and purses
  • Avoid large crowds and other public gatherings
  • Do not travel into areas affected by the attack
  • Closely monitor news reports
  • Be prepared for possible evacuation
  • Avoid passing unsubstantiated information and rumors
  • Follow the instructions of the Bethany Beach Police Department and other emergency responders