The objective of the Bethany Beach Parking Department is to insure safe, legal, and full utilization of all parking spaces within town limits. Enforcement of regulations is a necessary adjunct to order within the community. All ordinances are based on Delaware Criminal and Traffic Laws. The Parking Director is responsible for the planning and enforcement of Town ordinances, based on direction from the Town Manager. Parking Enforcement Officers are empowered to issue summonses for all parking violations.

All public parking spaces, with the exception of the FREE PARKING for 15 MINUTES ONLY parking spots, are either pay-to-park or require a parking permit every day from May 15 through September 15 unless otherwise noted by signage. Parking is free the remainder of the year. 

Our 1,000 public parking spaces are all within two blocks of the beach. In the summer on Saturdays and Sundays, all parking spaces fill by about 10:30 AM.

We have about 700 spaces on our east/west streets which require either a resident or business parking permit available to town property and business owners.

If you want to appeal a ticket, it must be done within 10 DAYS of issuance. More information is available under Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ #10) or click on Appeal Your Ticket link to the left of this page.

Please view other parking tabs for specific information to help plan your visit to Bethany Beach.



There are five Level 2 electric vehicle charging stations in Bethany Beach. Each station is equipped with two charging cords so that two electric vehicles can charge simultaneously. The chargers are universal so that all makes, and models of electric vehicles can utilize the service. To initiate the charge, payments can be made at the charging station by credit card with an initial fee of $2.00. The user will then be charged $0.50 per kWh to utilize the station. Be advised that from May 15 - September 15 parking fees will apply in addition to charging fees. ALL vehicles (including charging vehicles) must pay to park. Please contact Town Hall at 302-539-8011 with any questions or concerns.

Instructions for using a charging station:

1. Plug J-1772, EV charger handle into EVs charging port

2. Swipe ONCE, in/out (green light on Credit Card Reader should blink), any major Credit Card (CC) (VISA/MASTERCARD/AMEX/DISCOVER) in the vertical, CC slot with the magnetic strip to the right and on the top

3. Wait 30 seconds for the word "Processing" to appear on charger LED Screen and then a charging status screen will appear to indicate power/time/energy delivered and that the charging session has commenced; and

4. If the charging session fails to commence, unplug/replug EV charger and repeat process.

Locations of the charging stations are shown below.

EV Charging Stations 2023