Other Policies

The Town Council gave broad policy guidelines to the Town Manager
  1. Town Manager has approval authority for all content and links to be placed on the town website, consistent with policies established by Town Council.
  2. We will maintain the privacy of personal information sent to the Town.
  3. While trying to ensure high quality, accurate information, we cannot guarantee it.
  4. We try to make this information available to anyone including those with disabilities and those with different browsers, operating systems and handheld devices for Internet access
  5. We do not have paid advertising or blogs or chat rooms.
  6. We will link to government websites, will not normally link to for-profit websites except to licensed businesses physically located in Town, will link to quasi-governmental organizations that serve Bethany Beach but not to civic groups as there are so many to track on a government website.

These policies will be fleshed out, based on examples from other governments including the state of Delaware and considered by Council in January or February.