Post Disaster


Recovery and re-entry should be an essential element of your Disaster Plan. Homes and properties are often damaged and even sometimes destroyed, requiring displacement of your family while repairs and rebuilding takes place. An extreme financial burden is often placed upon you while insurance matters are being resolved.

Following a disaster Bethany Beach’s Damage Assessment Team will look for:
  • Debris on streets and down power lines
  • Flooded or washed out streets
  • Sewage in breaks, gas leaks, etc.
Based upon their assessment, and if an evacuation had been ordered, a decision will be made regarding re-entry by evacuees.


Depending upon the damage and hazards, it could be a full unrestricted re-entry, a partial restricted re-entry, or entry may be delayed until the Town is deemed to be safe for re-entry.

It may also be ordered that you produce information at check-points. Personal identification, property tax records, deeds, etc., may need to be produced prior to re-entry.

Depending upon the magnitude of the event and the extent of property damage, the Delaware Emergency Management Agency may be summoned to Bethany Beach to hold public Town Meetings for the purpose of explaining to property owners the recovery process, available finances, insurance matters, etc. For an in-depth review of the recovery process the FEMA website is an excellent source of information.

After a Disaster

  • Walk carefully around your home and check for loose or down power lines, gas leaks, and structural damage. If you have any doubts call our Building Inspector at (302) 539-8011
  • Do not walk through floodwaters as dangerous debris may be just below the surface If the situation is unsafe call for help
  • Do not turn on any electric until you are sure it is safe to do so. Call an electrician if you are unsure
  • Stay away from sparking, broken, or frayed wires
  • Check the roof, foundation, and chimney. If it appears the building may collapse, leave immediately
  • Make sure all appliances are completely dry before using them
  • Check water and sewage systems
  • Throw out all food that may have become contaminated. Disinfect items that may have been contaminated by raw sewage, bacteria, or chemicals