Pets are an important part of your family. Prior disasters have proven that families are often reluctant to evacuate if not allowed to take their pets.

As of this writing, due to health and safety reasons, there are no local Red Cross shelters that accept pets.  At the time of the emergency or disaster for information on pet sheltering you should call Delaware Animal Response at 302-698-4622 (Elainea Goldthwaite, Coordinator), Delaware Animal Care and Control at 888-352-7722 (24 hours), or the Sussex County SPCA at 302-856-6361.  

Regardless, you should carefully plan in advance as to where to place your pets during a disaster and who will care for them.  Below are tips to consider when developing your plan:

Before a Disaster Consider:
  • If you evacuate, determine where your pet will stay
  • If you will be staying with friends or relatives, make sure you bring your pet
  • If you are going to be staying in a motel make sure they will allow pets
  • Keep your pets vaccinated and have current records
  • If you cannot take your pet you should reserve space in a kennel or an animal clinic
  • Ask if vaccination records are required
  • When planning your Go-Bag make sure to include pet food and supplies
  • Consider spaying or neutering your pet
  • Having a portable pet carrier for each pet is a necessity
  • Each pet should have a collar and identify your pets by license and rabies tags and/or micro-chipping
  • Have a leash per pet
  • Remember that pets seem to sense danger and may react differently while under stress
  • Some may panic, hide, try to escape, or may even bite or scratch
  • Take recent photos of your pets and have them available
  • For information on possible local pet sheltering call (302) 856-6361 (Sussex SPCA)